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“My Datafication” is a blog that provides the latest data science news and trends, data science insights, presents useful tools, technologies and methodologies for data analysis, and explains trending data science terms. It has been launched as an information blog for young data science professionals, such as data analysts, business analysts, data strategists and young professionals who want to learn about the magic of data science.

If you love digging into data, extracting interesting facts and insights and discovering new knowledge, and want to learn more about how to achieve it in a (user) friendly way, then you’ll feel like at home here. This blog aims to explain in easy-to-understand words how many well-known tools and technologies may support everyday data analysis and general methodologies that may guide data analysis and decision making processes.

The idea to start this blog came through my master studies in Business Analytics where we learned plenty of interesting alternative methods to handle data, each one of which served different purposes. Additionally, working as researcher and consultant in the analytics field keeps teachings how the theoretical data analysis techniques and methodologies are applicable in operational and strategical business needs. Combining knowledge from both my studies and my practical experience, I want to share what I have learnt and I am still learning, as well as how these things help me mine (i.e. open) a path for a data science career.

So, now let me introduce myself!

My name is Katerina Kalaidopoulou, and I am an aspiring data strategist. I am looking for the the next business problem to solve and shed some light with data insights. With over 3 years professional experience in the analytics field, a Master's degree in Business Analytics, two publications in big Data Science European conferences and a solid business background acquired during my bachelor studies in Management Science and Technology, I am your go-to person for most data analytics projects. 

I am a problem-solver with a business mindset, passionate about data and the value they can bring to the companies on decision making and business development. I have gained experience from the Retail, FMCG and eCommerce industries, but my interests include also New Technologies, Innovation and Business StrategyIf you are interested in chatting with me about data and data strategy or if you are looking for a self-motivated, result-driven and experienced data analyst who will translate your data into plain English, please reach out over email or LinkedIn.

Hopefully, you’ll find the content of this blog interesting and helpful for your own careers. If you like it, like "My Datafication" on Facebook in order to keep up with my latest posts.🙂

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