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02 October, 2018

Free access to MIT SMR Articles for 2 days

Reading my emails this morning, I found an amazing one from MIT Sloan Management Review which informed me that for two days only (October 2 and 3) all articles will be available for free for every visitor. So I decided to share it with you!

The actual email I received mentioned:

"For almost 60 years, MIT Sloan Management Review has been dedicated to providing evidence-based insights to your most pressing and complex business issues. To celebrate our history and our readers, we’re unlocking our site for 48 hours. Every article, report, video, and webinar is free to access, courtesy of Bold360 by LogMeIn. Don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a list of article recommendations for you below."

You can find more information about this offer in the email link they shared. For the link please click here. However, before doing so just check below some common questions answered from my perspective:

Why should I visit MIT Sloan Management Review?

As they say, MIT SMR connects the latest management research and ideas with the latest business trends and is used by many academic and business professionals worldwide. Personally I received a recommendation from my professor during my Master's, who suggested that to be on top of your business you should at least start reading the articles in this site and attend the webinars that are organised by them, too. I am trying to read at least one article per week, especially in the AI industry.

What can I find there?

I would say that almost everything regarding businesses and innovation. You can read articles about Data & Analytics (my favorite topic!), Leadership, Marketing, Strategy, Operations, Internet of Things and many more topics. through Blog posts, articles, webinar, interviews etc, all describing innovative applications of technologies on business cases and best practices.

Where should I start?

I would start from the Data & Analytics section (click here) and go through the latest news on the topic, as well as related categories, such as Analytics & Strategy or Data Quality.

Is this site for me?

Of course it is! If the CEO of your company refers to MIT SMR to learn about the latest trend in Management research and innovation in business then so can you!

What's your favorite article?

Unfortunately, I don't have one! My favorite articles are usually about Analytics use cases to understand and exploit customer data. However, the article I liked today was "The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create"  but I will come back with a separate article about it. 

If you have any topic or news you would like to share with us, just leave a comment below. If you like the blog, don't forget to "Like" the Facebook page to keep up-to-date with the new posts.

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