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02 October, 2016


A buzzword or a new trend?

Have you heard about datafication? “Datafication” is fairly new concept, which describes how we “render into data many aspects of the world that have never been quantified before” as defined in the The Rise of Big Data: How It’s Changing the Way We Think About the World, by Kenneth Cukier and Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger.  In other words, this new term represents our ability to collect data for aspects of our lives that have never been quantified before and turning them into value, e.g. valuable knowledge.

According to the Ericcson report there exist datafication of personality, business processes, cities and private lives. For example, the supply chain industry has been datafied and now traceability and tracking of products is a reality. Our professional network and contacts have been datafied via LinkedIn. In our private lives, workout has been datafied via apps and gadgets that monitor our pulse, heart rate, calories burnt, kilometers run or walked etc. 

However, datafication is not only about the data, but refers to the process of collecting data, as well as the tools and the technologies that support data collection. In the business context, an organization uses data to monitor processes, support decision-making and plan short- and long-term strategies. Many start-up companies have been established on the hype of big data by extracting value from them. In a few years, no business will be able to operate without exploiting the data available, while whole industries may face complete re-engineering.

Datafication vs. Digitalization

On the other hand, datafication is not the same as digitalization. The later term describes the process of using digital technologies to restructure our society, businesses and personal lives. It began with the rise of computers and their introduction in organizations. In the following years, new technologies such Internet of Things, have been gradually integrated in our lives and revolutionized them. However, datafication represents the next phase of evolution, when data production and proper collection is already a present and the society tends to establish processes for the extraction of valuable knowledge.

“My Datafication” blog

So, how does datafication relate with this blog? According to the term definition, datafication includes the tools, technologies, methods and processes to utilize data and extract value. Similarly, the mission of this blog is to present a portfolio of tools and technologies that have been used before for data analysis purposes. Some posts will describe methodologies, while others with explain data science terms using applicable examples. Last but not least, there will also be some posts with the analysis of publicly available open data.

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